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New Online Product Training Event

Online Product Training 29 September 2022 Measuring Surface Tension and Surfactants – using bubble tensiometers for the Process and the Laboratory Free Product Training from the SITA Online Events series The dynamic surface tension of a liquid is an important process … Continue reading

Sigma 700/701 Force Tensiometer Online Demonstration 15th June 2022

The Sigma 700/701 Force Tensiometer is renowned for its outstanding versatility and high level of automation. On June 15th, our partners Biolin Scientific  will be hosting an online demo where you can: Get a quick tour of the instrument See … Continue reading

Online Demonstration of the SITA FoamTester

Zoom in to the online demonstration of the new generation SITA Foam Tester hosted by our partners SITA Messtechnik  on June 14th 2022.  Discover the benefits and principles of automated foam testing and meet technical experts who will be available … Continue reading

Evaluating Surface Cleanliness through Contact Angle Measurements

Surface cleanliness is an important topic in many industrial areas, it is especially needed in applications such as coating, painting or printing where something is added on top of the other material. If the surface where the coating is applied … Continue reading

Online Demonstration of Theta Flow Optical Tensiometer

Join our partners Biolin Scientific via Teams Meeting  to discover the potential of the Premium Theta Flow Optical Tensiometer instrument and meet technical experts who will be available for a Q&A session at the end of the demonstration.   Date: … Continue reading

Monitor & Control your Cleaning Process

Our friends at SITA Messtechnik GmbH are offering a great opportunity this year to join two Free Online Application Training Webinars.  SITA Messtechnik develops, produces and sells devices worlwide for measuring the dynamic surface tension of liquids, fully automatic foam … Continue reading

MiniTest 7200/7400 FH: A high-end device for wall thickness measurement

The MiniTest 7200FH or MiniTest 7400FH  is a professional portable wall thickness gauge for measurements up to 24mm thick. Both gauges provide high-precision measurements and reproducibility with a choice of SIDSP sensors available.  Sharp edges, narrow diameters and/or complex geometry … Continue reading

Theta Flow – Premium Contact Angle Meter Launch

We are proud to present you the extension to our Theta optical tensiometer family.  The Attension Theta Flow has automation at an all-time high, accuracy not seen before and remarkable simplicity & ease of use. Together these features make it … Continue reading

Theta Flex Optical Tensiometer Wins Award for Ground Breaking & Innovative Design

The Theta Flex Optical Tensiometer recently won the award for Best of the Best Design at the Red Dot Product Design Awards 2020, making it a winner in the world’s most renowned design competition. The instrument used widely in industrial … Continue reading

Optimising Industrial Bath Lifetime

What is the best cleaning power worth if the cleaning bath contains oil that re-contaminates the parts?  By simply measuring the contamination level process, reliability can be increased as well as improving cost-effectiveness. An increasing level of contamination caused by … Continue reading