Force Tensiometer – Sigma 703D

UK based Dyne Testing offer the Sigma 703D Force Tensiometer, a simple standalone and robust digital force tensiometer for accurate measurement of surface and interfacial tension.  Manual critical micelle concentration (CMC) measurements can also be conducted.

The Sigma 703D is extremely easy to use.  With convenient control keyboard operations and open design there is no need for an external computer.  Measurements are displayed in real-time on the large digital screen integrated into the instrument and can be transferred to a computer using the Data receiver software.

For quick and reliable stand-alone operation and manual control, Sigma 703D is the best solution. The major difference between the Sigma 703D and Sigma 702 models is the manual sample stage of Sigma 703D.


Sigma 703D is a force tensiometer for determination of:

  • Surface tension
  • Interfacial tension
  • Critical micelle concentration
  • Density



Simple, standalone and robust, the Sigma 703D is used for accurate measurement of surface and interfacial tension of liquids.

     Sigma 703D
Available Measurements
Surface tension      Yes
Interfacial tension      Yes
Critical micelle concentration      Manual
Dynamic contact angle      No
Surface free energy      No
Powder wettability      No
Density      Yes
Technical Specifications
Measuring range (mN/m)      1…1000
Displayed resolution (mN/m)      0.01
Density range (g/cm³)      0…2.2
Maximum load (g)      5
Weighing resolution (mg)      0.01
Contact angle range      –
Contact angle resolution      –
Calibration & locking      Manual
Sample stage      Manual
Temperature range (°C)      -10…+100


Recommended system requirements

1GHz processor, 1GB MB RAM, 40 GB hard disk drive (20GB free), 1 USB port.

Accessories such as water bath and liquid dispenser may require a free RS-232 port.

Operating system requirements

Windows 7 & 8 (32 or 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows XP SP3 (32 bit).

  Force Tensiometer Technical Specification


Order Code Description
40-Sigma 703D 703D Tensiometer, 240VAC, 50 Hz Including:

o Manual sample stage
o Manual calibration and locking



For accessory details please refer to the list below or contact our Sales Team for assistance.


Order Code      Description
Environment and Sample Control: Temperature & Cabinet
40-T705ET      Thermostatic vessel (from -10 to +100°C)
40-T115      Gas phase temperature controller
40-T102MC      Bath/circulator, Julabo F12-MC
40-T102ME      Bath/circulator, Julabo F12-ME
40-T102ME      Temperature probe for the Julabo bath circulator F25ME
40-T102ED      Bath/circulator, Julabo F12-ED
40-T202      Digital thermometer
40-T140CAB      Cabinet
40-T113      Density measuring device
Probes & Calibration
40-T106      Platinum Du Nouy ring
40-T106A      Certificate for Du Nouy ring dimensions
40-T106B      MIKES calibration certificate for Du Nouy ring
40-T107      Wilhelmy Plate, platinum plate with micro roughened surface
40-T107A      Certificate for Wilhelmy plate dimensions
40-T107C      MIKES calibration certificate for the Wilhelmy plate
40-T117B      Certified calibration kit
40-T120      Calibration weight
40-T108      Ring re-form tool
40-T104      Sample vessel, diameter 70mm, 5 pcs/box
40-T105      Sample vessel, diameter 50mm, 5 pcs/box
PC & Software
40-T130      Computer with pre-installed software
40-T702PR      Printer
Maintenance & Services
40-STUP-EU      Start up & training
40-SERV2      Service contract level 2
40-SERV 3      Extended warranty


For a detailed list of accessories please refer to the attachment

  Sigma 702-702et-703d- Accessory List

Sigma 703D Surface Tension Measurement Demonstration with De Nouy Ring

**Note Sigma 702 video is shown for reference **