Industrial Bath Cleanliness Testing

Easy Control of Contamination Level in Cleaning and Rinsing Baths

Dyne Testing offers an in-line test instrument for monitoring and controlling the contamination level of  liquids used in industrial wash machines and rinsing baths during the industrial cleaning process.

An increasing level of contamination caused by grease or oil left by machined parts in cleaning baths will cause a decrease in the cleaning power of the rinsing media and a high parts cleanliness cannot be guaranteed even if an optimal cleaning agent concentration is used.

The SITA Conspector will detect oils, grease and cooling lubricants in industrial wash and rinsing baths.  The instrument enables the operator to carry out quick and simple checks from samples taken from the wash/rinsing bath.  The instrument will measure the contamination level found in the liquid by detecting contamination through fluorescence which is excited by UV light from an LED in the sensor head.

Measuring principle –

The UV light or fluorescence light is lead into the liquid by a light guide rod at the sensor head.  A photodiode in the sensor head measures the fluorescence intensity. The fluorescence intensity depends on the amount of contamination found in the liquid at the measuring point, i.e. the higher the fluorescence the more contamination found in the liquid.

The optional SITA-ProcessLog Windows based software enables the user to analyse results and create simple graphical and documented measurement reports.

Examples for detectable contaminations:

  • Cooling lubricants
  • Grease
  • Release agents
  • Rolling oil
  • Deep drawn oils

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  • Mobile and robust measuring instrument for flexible use line-side and in the laboratory
  • Intuitive operation: simple & fast measurement
  • Automatic calibration on reference fluid


  • Determination of contamination level at the touch of one button
  • Targeted initiation and control of bath replenishment actions
  • Easy identification of operation errors that allows the user to change bath treatment actions
  • Automatic evaluation of bath conditions due to pre-determined limit values
  • Use of measuring instrument independant of used bath chemicals through to a calibration
  • Automatic saving of measuring data including date, time and temperature.

Packing List:

SITA ConSpector measuring instrument, carrycase, stand, magnetic stirrer, 2 stainless steel beakers, mains adapter, USB-cable, operating instructions, calibration certificate

Contamination level / Fluorescence intensity       Interface, Display, Memory
Measuring range 1…40,000 USB interface Data transfer, power supply & charging of battery
Max. measuring deviation 0.5% of measuring range Display LCD, 128 x 64 Pixel, illuminated
Memory permanent: measuring parameter / data 255 profiles, 8191 measuring values per profile
Liquid temperature
Measuring range 0…100°C       Ambient Conditions
Max. measuring deviation 0.5% of measuring range Acceptable ambient temperature (storage/operation) (-20…60)°C / (10…50)°C
Acceptable ambient conditions rel. humidity < 70%; air pressure (300…1060) hPa
Current supply
Mains adapter 5 V / 500mA (USB)       Housing, Dimensions, Weight
Battery (Lion, intergrated) 3.6V /1950 mAh Housing Aluminium, IP 51
Max. power consumption ca. 2.5W Dimensions (WxHxD)
Excitation diode 365nm, max. 150 mW Basic unit 129 x 82 x 48mm
Sensor head 142 x 50 x 30mm
Weight of instrument 560g



Order Code Description
G81-000010 SITA ConSpector Measurement Instrument



Order Code Description
G02-000005 SITA-ProcessLog Software for Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 (CD-ROM) licence per device
G01-000059 100ml Stainless steel beakers (5 off)
G01-000057 Magnetic stir bar (10 off)
G01-000039 Cleaning kit