Bubble Pressure Tensiometer T100

The SITA T100 Bubble Pressure Tensiometer is a compact and high performance instrument for measuring dynamic surface tension and analysing surfactants.

It is a mobile instrument ideal for use in education, industrial laboratories  and Research & Development, as well as for the quality control of products with surface active substances.

Similar to the Bubble Tensiometer T15 this instrument will measure the surface tension of liquids but within a larger bubble lifetime range from highly dynamic to quasi-static (15 ms up to 100,000 ms).  The instrument will automatically control the chosen bubble lifetime accurately without drift and complicated readjustments.  The results are presented numerically and graphically on a large colour display screen.


  • Auto single, online mode
  • Bubble lifetime up to 100 s
  • Access to 64 individually parameterisable methods
  • Possibility of external gas supply and drying of the sample gas
  • Laboratory automation with accessories.

Users can also benefit fro the new windows-based software “SITA-LabSolution” which will automate laboratory measurements and active ingredient analysis.  The software is user friendly and offers a report function for creating measurement protocols and result analysis.

Measuring Principle

Measuring the dynamic surface tension with the bubble pressure method enables high precision and flexibility without difficult adjustment of the immersion depth.  This is done by pumping air through a capillary into the liquid to be analysed.  The pressure within the bubble changes continuously with its’ radius.  The surface tension is calculated from the deviation between pressure maximum and minimum.  The calibration is carried out automatically with water. Thereby the radius of the capillary is taken into account.

The Bubble Pressure Science Line T100 measures:

  • Auto Mode     Measurements through the whole bubble lifetime range
      • Evaluating surfactant effects
      • Analysing the kinetics of surfactants
      • Characterising the wetting behaviour of surface active agents
  • Online Mode     Continuous measurement
      • Measurement of temperature dependencies
      • Analysing the ageing behaviour
      • Evaluating the sample stability
  • Single Mode     Single measurement
      • Control and test requirements
      • Concentration measurements

Packing List:  Tensiometer SITA science line t100 (basic unit and sensor), 2 capillaries PEEK type II or capillaries according to application, power supply, USB cable, stand, 2 sample vessels 50ml, operating instructions, calibration certificate, carrying case.


Surface Tension
Measuring range (mN/m)      10…100
Measuring deviation      max 1% of full scale value
Resolution (mN/m)      0.1
Reproducibility (mN/m)      0.5
Bubble lifetime/surface age
Adjustable range (ms)      15…100,000
Measuring deviation (ms)      max. 1
Resolution (ms)      1
Control deviation      adjustable
Liquid temperature
Measuring range (°C)      -20…125
Measuring deviation      max 0.5%, adjustable
Resolution (°C)      0.1
Reproducibility      0.3K
General data
Power supply       5V/500mA (USB), integrated battery
Acceptable ambient temperature (storage/operation)      -20…50°C / 10…40°C
Measuring gas      Ambient air, depressurised alternatively: inert gas
Display      Colour LCD, illuminated
Storage      4 GByte, 64 methods
Dimensions (HxWxD)      Mains unit: 200 x 140 x 60mm³ Sensor: 200 x 35 x 90mm³
Weight       1,870g



Order Code Description
G21-000010 SITA Science Line T100



Order Code Description
G02-000019 SITA-LabSolution Basic Version Software
G02-000021 SITA-LabSolution Expert Version Software


Type I PEEK – easy manual cleaning for paints and varnishes

Type II PEEK – for monitoring process liquids

Type III Glass – for agressive liquids

Disposal capillaries PTFE – for special cases

(Please contact us for further information).