Soluble Salt Contamination Meter


The approved ISO8502-9 equivalent fully automated Soluble Salt Meter establishes surface cleanliness on the job and determines salt contamination. Equivalent to the bresle salt test kit, the Soluble Salt Meter will indicate contamination of soluble salts on blast-cleaned surfaces prior to coating but with the added bonus of a very short test cycle time.

Soluble salts can be measured using the ISO 8502-9 standard. Till a few years people were forced to take these measurements with a 20 year old technique using patches. This was a tedious and time consuming task using a lot of ECO unfriendly expensive consumables. Differences in results lead to discussions and reasons for concern in the field.

The Soluble Salt Meter is the first approved ISO8502-9 equivalent method, which after 20 years finally automates the soluble salt measurements according to the ISO8502-9. The patented design provides a hand held paperless solution to measure the presence of soluble salts on flat and curved surfaces.

The Soluble Salt Meter (SSM) combines surface salt extraction and conductivity measurement in one tool, allowing convenient and ergonomic operation. The hand held design provides a self-contained, easily transportable, unit for soluble salt measurements.

The SSM and supplied fluid dispenser allow for quick and accurate injection of demineralised water*, automatic extraction of surface salts and conductivity measurement.  

*Please note the demineralised water must be to standard BS EN ISO 3696 1995 Grade 3.

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The SSM demonstrated equivalence to the ISO Standard 8502-9 “Field method for the conductometric determination of water-soluble salts” (Bresle Patch method) during testing performed March 4 through September 24, 2009 and October 13 through January 12, 2015 in accordance with NACE SP0508-2010 (see a copy of the certificate in the Downloads tab).

Approved by the SSPC Guide 15 SSPC GUIDE 15 – Field Methods for extraction and analysis of soluble salts on steel and other nonporous substrates.

6 Easy Process Steps (approximate time taken = 1 minute)
  1. Attach the soluble salt meter to the surface
  2. Inject demineralised water (must be to standard BS EN ISO 3696 1995 Grade 3) into the measurement chamber with one press of the dose bottle
  3. The meter automatically agitates the solution (approx. 45 seconds)
  4. Meter automatically takes reading
    • Displays reading on LCD screen
    • Stores value electronically
  5. Wipe remaining water from surface after removing SSM
  6. Flush meter by turning over and injecting water from dose bottle
Temperature Sensors      1 probe (stainless steel)
Working Temperature Range      5 – 50°C (41 – 122°F)
Temperature Accuracy      ± 0.3°C
Conductivity Sensors      4 probes (stainless steel)
Measurement Range      0-100µS/cm (0-120mg/m²)
Measurement Accuracy      ± 3µS/cm
Indicators      Red/Green LED
Memory      Holds up to 1000 measurements (10 batches of up to 100 each)
Power Supply      Lithium-ion rechargeable battery


Packing List

Soluble Salt Meter, SSM adapter flat surface, Dispenser, Power supply, USB cable and PC Software, Calibration fluid, Carrying case, Certificate of performance, 50 credit readings (additional credits can be purchased at any time)



Order Code Description
45-HED7263003 SSM/02 Soluble Salt Meter Kit (Buy Lite)
45-LIC1001001 Upgrade to unlimited measurements
45-LIC1001008 100 measurements (credits)


Order Code Description
45-LIC1001008 100 measurements (credits)
45-HED7263802 SSM Curved Adapter pipe diameter 65-105cm
45-HED7263803 SSM Curved Adapter pipe diameter 35-60cm
45-HED7263804 SSM Curved Adapter pipe diameter 20-30cm
45-SER7263001 Performance check SSM with certificate
Spare Parts Are also available upon request