All products offered by Dyne Testing are easy to use, accurate and designed to deliver great value throughout their working life. If you need to measure Surface EnergyAdhesion, Surface Cleanliness, Dry Film Coating Thickness, Wet Film Coating Thickness and Material Testing  then we are confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

With customers in over 50 countries our worldwide reputation has been built on unbeatable products and great customer service. Situated in Lichfield at the heart of the UK we are ideally located to ensure quick and efficient shipment of your orders.

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Adhesion  equipment for testing the adhesion strength of coatings onto solid substrates. Dry Film ThicknessDry Film Thickness instruments for precise coating thickness measurements  – painted or electroplated coatings, applied to magnetic or non-magnetic materials
Force MeasurementForce Measurement range of Extech Force Gauges to automatically determine TENSION or COMPRESSION (Push or Pull) force Gloss LevelsGloss Level portable precision gloss meters for production and laboratory. Suitable for paint and coatings, plastics, automotive parts, flooring, paper, packaging material, ceramics etc.
Material TestingMaterial Testing range of products that measure ferrite content, sealing quality of aluminium weld & conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals Pinhole and Porosity MeasurementPinhole & Porosity test equipment for quickly & safely finding fine pores or cracks on coated metals
Salt Contamination Testing EquipmentSurface Cleanliness instruments & test kits to determine the surface cleanliness of various materials.  Surface Energy equipment & systems for the determination of wetting characteristics of solid materials.
Test Kits a quick link to the range of surface energy and surface cleanliness test kits Wet Film ThicknessWet Film Thickness Measure paint or coating thickness with drawdown rods or applicators in ranges of 3.8µm to 254µm

If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements to see if we can help you.