Surface Contamination Kit

Surface Contamination KitThe Surface Contamination Kit provides a low cost, simple method of measuring the salt, pH, chloride and iron (ferrous ion) concentration on a test surface in accordance with ISO 8502-6.  Measuring the level of contaminants on a surface prior to application of the coating will ensure the coating quality is at optimum level.

The Surface Contamination Kit provides the means for testing invisible surface contaminants.  It is low cost, portable and will give quick and easy measurements of surface contaminants.  The kit is supplied with test strips to measure pH; Iron (ferrous ion); Chloride & Salt.


  • Testing for: pH, Chloride ions, Iron and Salts.
  • Measuring Range: pH:0pH to 14pH
  • Measuring Range: Iron: 3 – 10 – 25 – 50 – 100 – 250 – 500mg/I Fe²
  • Measuring Range: Chloride: 30-600µg/cm² (30ppm) Cl to 600µg/cm²  (600ppm) Cl
  • Dimensions: 300 x 220 x 75mm
  • Weight: 2.1kg

Packing List:

100 x pH test strips, 100 x Iron test strips, 40 x Chloride test strips, 50 x Bresle samplers, 3 x 5ml syringes, 3 x needles, 30ml plastic beaker, carry case and operating instructions


Order Code Description
70-G 138/2 Surface Contamination Kit