Webinar News

Date and Time:
Wednesday, April 27th 2016
UK Time: 6 pm

While contact angle measurement has been around for many years, we have recently developed a way to account for the underlying surface’s micro-scale roughness. This approach allows us to report the true Young’s Contact Angle (CA) by measuring and subtracting out the roughness contribution

The Theta with 3D Topography Module  is an add-on module for the Theta Optical Tensiometer.  It is an innovative system capable of separating the effect of surface roughness to the contact angle result. As a result, roughness-corrected contact angles can be better compared with each other for research and quality control purposes.

In this webinar you will learn more about:

  • How water sessile drop CAs were acquired at the exact same location that fringe projection phase-shifting was used to analyse the surface roughness on a wide variety of different samples.
  • How we characterized optics with anti-reflective coatings, clay tiles with gloss or matte finishes, wood polymer composite materials used for outdoor decking, and titanium materials used for biomedical implants with varying degrees of roughness.

Register your interest by clicking on the link below and if you miss the webinar don’t worry an email link will be sent to you with the recording afterwards.

Evaluate the influence of surface roughness on wettability