New Surface Measurement Training Course Dates for 2018

Dyne Testing Ltd the UK’s leading supplier of surface measurement solutions has published their new Training Course Dates for 2018.

As well as offering a comprehensive range of surface measurement equipment for use in a variety of industrial applications, Dyne Testing also runs a popular half day Surface Measurement Training Course which is built on the foundations of various adhesion problems brought to us by customers in manufacturing and education / research.

The Training Session Includes:

1)  An introduction to Surface Energy & Surface Tension (what are they and why are they so important?).

2)  Measuring Surface Energy with a range of techniques i.e.

  • Dyne Test Pens
  • Dyne Test Fluids
  • Contact Angle

3)  Measuring Surface Tension with a range of techniques i.e.

  • Force Tensiometer
  • Pendant Drop
  • Bubble Tensiometer

4)  Measuring Surface Cleanliness with a range of techniques i.e.

  • Optical Tensiometery
  • Fluorescence Technique
  • Dyne Test Fluids.

The course offers practical hands-on and theoretical training and is ideal for Technicians, Quality Control Engineers / Managers as well as those with a general interest in perfecting adhesion and measuring surface properties.

For further course details click here or contact our Sales Team via email at [email protected] or telephone 01543 411460.