New Range of Digital Force Gauges Extends our Product Range

Dyne Testing has  added a new high quality range of Digital Force Gauges to measure the level of Tension or Compression (Push or Pull) force applied within any situation.  Each force gauge provide accuracy and performance that can be used as hand held units or mounted to a test stand for versatility.  There are three different digital force gauges within the range to suit a range of budgets and test application requirements.

Advanced Force Gauge Top of the range force gauge used for optimum test performance.  Known to be the most accurate, versatile and fully-featured digital force gauge available on the market, it is housed in an ergonomically shaped rugged aluminium case.

Basic Force Gauge A mid range, easy to use and affordable force gauge.  It is designed for easy operation and provides outstanding tension and compression measurement performance and reliability at an affordable price.

Compact Force Gauge A basic, affordable force gauge that is designed for elementary tension and compression measurement.  Ideal for users who only measure on an occasional basis for non-critical applications.

For further information on the range of Force Gauges click on the links above or contact the Sales Team at Dyne Testing for further information either via email or telephone +44 (0)1543 411460.