Handheld Infrared Thermometer ideal for Electrical Troubleshooting and Automotive Repair & Maintenance.

Dyne Testing has added a new range of handheld infrared thermometers to the Temperature Measurement range.  The range is ideal for testing on various applications such as electrical troubleshooting, automotive repair & maintenance, air conditioners, test terminals on circuits and more.

It is a range of high quality, handheld infrared thermometers with laser sighting and large LCD display.  Each unit measures from -50°C to 1000°C with 0.1°C resolution.  The thermometers also offer a superior 50:1 field of view, which helps to minimise errors by producing a small diameter measurement area.

Taking a reading is very simple with this thermometer.  Simply point the unit at the target, pull the trigger and hold.  Readings can be taken in °C or °F and when the trigger is released the last measurement is held for approximately 6 seconds before the unit automatically turns off.

The thermometer will operate in ambient temperatures from 0°C to 50°C and are powered by a standard PP3, 9V battery.  Each unit is supplied complete with a soft carrying case.

If you are interested in this handheld infrared thermometer and would like to learn more about it why not give us a call on +44 (0)1543 411460 or for further information on this product click here.