Exciting New Website Changes

Need Test or Measurement Equipment then just take a look at our exciting new website!  

Dyne Testing has made finding what you’re looking for easier and quicker!

With our new navigation system you can now find the product you want with a couple of clicks of a mouse, or if you’re not completely sure what product you need you can read up on the product range available in the measurement solutions landing page.

Our greatly expanded product range now includes Coating Thickness Gauges, Gloss Meters, Porosity Instruments, Force Gauges and other Material Testing Equipment on top of the ever popular Surface Energy, Surface Cleanliness, Pull Adhesion and Cross Hatch testing ranges.

Dyne Testing supplies high quality, precision test and measurement instruments that are competitively priced.  If you have any special requirements we would be pleased to test your samples and suggest the most suitable instrument for your application.

Take a tour of our updated website now  or contact one of our Sales Team on +44 (0)1543 411460 or via email [email protected] for assistance.