Dyne Testing to Exhibit at Surface World

SW Show Logo 2015Dyne Testing is delighted to announce they will be exhibiting at this year’s Surface World Exhibition at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, U.K. on 23rd and 24th September.  Displaying their market leading products on stand 76, the sales team will be exhibiting quality control instruments for measuring Metal Cleanliness, Surface Energy and Surface Tension and are expecting great interest from all attending the event.

Dyne Testing will be showcasing their range of state-of-the-art portable and desk-top measurement instruments. Included in the range will be the CleanoSpector which is used to measure oil, grease and cleaning fluid contamination on metal surfaces.  The easy-to-use handheld, non-destructive cleanliness inspection instrument is widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries and can be used in many applications where metal surfaces need to be free of contaminants before the next manufacturing process for example assembly, sealing, gluing, painting, printing, lacquering etc.

There will be regular demonstrations of the CleanoSpector on the Dyne Testing stand during the Surface World Exhibiton and also high performance Optical Tensiometers (contact angle measurement equipment), Force Tensiometers and Bubble Pressure Tensiometers.

The Theta range of Optical Tensiometers are a highly accurate and repeatable QC and analytical tool for measuring the contact angle of liquids on the surface of materials and the calculation of surface energy levels of films or solid substrates.  Contact angle measurement is the preferred and most accurate method of such vital laboratory measurement and research for determining the interactions at the solid/gas/liquid interface. The Optical tensiometer is an ideal industrial or academic tool for product development engineers, R & D engineers who need precision and repeatability.  Using the highly accurate Theta, ThetaLite and the portable Theta QC optical tensiometers, users can compare the effects of a range of surface treatments and gather data that correlates to various surface conditions e.g. lubricity, wettability, surface energy etc.

Dyne Testing based in Lichfield is fast becoming the most well recognised and trusted supplier of quality inspection equipment for measuring properties of solids and liquids throughout the UK and Ireland.