Do you get the desired wetting and adhesion properties out of your materials?

Theta 3D Topography Module

Theta 3D Topography Module

Influence of surface roughness on wettability and how to measure it

Many surface modification and coating technologies that are used for optimizing wettability and adhesion properties influence both surface chemistry and roughness. Understanding the mechanisms that impact wetting and adhesion by separating these two factors can be key to successful surface development and solving of quality issues.

The Attension 3D Topography Module combined with Attension Theta Optical Tensiometer is the first product which makes it possible to combine 3D surface roughness measurements in conjunction with contact angle measurements. This makes it possible to perform those measurements on the same exact sample location. Roughness correction of contact angles also enables the calculation of fundamental surface free energy on rough surfaces. Download this white paper if you are interested in finding out more!                          

PS. In case you just want the brief introduction, check out the Product Overview!

Dyne Testing is the UK distributor for Biolin Scientific who is a leading Nordic instrumentation company with roots in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Customers include companies working with automotive, aerospace, printing & packaging, pharmaceuticals, energy, chemicals and advanced materials, as well as academic and governmental research institutes. The Attension range of precision instruments help  develop better solutions for energy and materials, discover better drugs faster and perform research at the frontiers of science and technology.              
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