Contact Angle and Interfacial Tension in High Pressures

 New Biolin Scientific Attension High Pressure Chamber

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Biolin Scientific Attension High Pressure Chamber

Studying oil reservoir wettability is essential in optimizing enhanced oil recovery methods. Wettability can be studied with contact angle and interfacial tension measurements which give quantitative measures of wetting conditions.

Oil reservoirs typically have high pressure and temperature that can significantly affect wettability when compared to atmospheric pressure. Thus, the measurements also need to be performed in a high-pressure environment to mimic the actual conditions inside the reservoir. For example, the interfacial tension between brine and CO2 has a strong pressure dependence which you can read more about in the application note CO2 in Enhanced Oil Recovery.

The new Biolin Scientific Attension High Pressure Chamber has been designed for measuring contact angle and interfacial tension in high pressures for enhanced oil recovery and other applications. Due to its unique piston design, also surfactant studies can be performed with controlled concentrations.


Measuring interfacial tension and contact angle at high pressures and temperatures

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