Benchtop Unit


UK based Dyne Testing offers this versatile coating thickness benchtop measurement instrument for use in all industries wherever quality is a top priority.  It is a premium benchtop unit that covers a wide variety of applications for universal coating thickness measurement and material testing, with color touchscreen, individual configuration and various interface.

As a result of its modern design the unit can be adapted specifically to the users needs and expanded at any time.  Whether coating thickness, electrical conductivity or ferrite content, this benchtop unit will always measure precisely and correctly.

Typical fields of application

  • Electroplating and paint manufacturing on steel. Anodized coatings on aluminum
  • Nano coatings (Antifingerprints), Solar cell coatings (CdTe/ glass), Gold coatings on contacts, tinlead alloy coatings on solder pads and traces, photo resist coatings, oil and wax coatings 
  • Surface copper cladding thickness and copper plating thickness in through-holes  on pc-boards.
  • Copper thickness on laminates and multilayers without any influence from the copper coating on the opposite side in pc-board production
  • Thickness of solder resist on copper in pc-board production
  • Graphite coatings on the surface of pistons or corrosion resistance coatings on brake discs in automotive industry
  • Ferruginous coatings on the piston surfaces in Automotive industry
  • Ferrite content in austenitic or duplex steel.
  • Electrical conductivity of non-magnetic metals like copper, aluminum, titanium 

  • Coating thickness measurement and material testing with just one instrument
  • Compact and extremely versatile desktop multi-function measuring system with data archiving and measurement data processing capabilities.
  • User-friendly operation with large, high-resolution color LCD touch screen. Windows CE® based.
  • Many different plug-in testing modules allow numerous instrument configurations to meet the needs of the user. The modular design allows the upgrading of the instrument at any time. Similar or different modules can be installed depending on the applications.
  • Different physical measurement principles are applied by the plug-in modules 
  • Multi-channel measurements at up to 8 measurement locations
  • A great variety of probes for different test piece geometries and measuring ranges are available.
  • Delivery with PC software with the following functionality: Transferring and archiving measurement data, comprehensive statistical and graphical evaluations, easy creation and printing of inspection reports.

 Please see the Benchtop Brochure in the Downloads tab for technical information on the Benchtop Unit.



Order Code Description
65-MMS-PC2-604-355 FISCHERSCOPE® MMS® PC2 base unit

Please see the  Benchtop Brochure in the Downloads tab for information on available accessories for the Benchtop Unit.