SITA CleanoSpector metal contamination tester
The SITA CleanoSpector will measure the level of oil and grease contamination on metal parts.

Dyne Testing has recently been appointed the UK & Ireland distributor for SITA Messtechnik GmbH who manufacture mobile and robust measuring instruments for process and laboratory applications.  The products are aimed at optimising parts cleanliness, reducing costs of chemicals, waste water and minimising the amount of downtime in the production plant.

Included in the range is the SITA CleanoSpector, a surface cleanliness testing instrument for measuring oil, grease and cleaning fluid contamination on metal surfaces and the SITA ConSpector which is an in-line test instrument for monitoring and controlling the contamination level of  liquids used in industrial wash machines and rinsing baths during the industrial cleaning process.

Also in the product range are the SITA Pro Line T15 and T100,  all-round bubble pressure tensiometers for measuring dynamic surface tension properties that can be used on a wide range of processes e.g. surfactants, ink jet printing, coating technologies, foam and emulsions, detergents, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food technologies, environmental monitoring etc.

The instruments are widely used in many industries particularly automotive, aerospace, medical device manufacturing, life sciences, marine & navel and many education & research establishments.

Categories: Cleanliness Testing

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