Dyne Test Inks in Case with Brush Top
QA Pack of Dyne Test Fluids Type B values 12 bottles in total Dyne values 30 – 72mN/m

Dyne Testing has launched a new and extended range of Non-Toxic Surface Energy Tests kits.

The new high visibility yellow test inks make it easy to determine the Dyne value of your material. Supplied in a range of standard kits all housed in handy carrying cases; Economy kit – 6 bottles, Standard kit – 9 bottles and the QA kit, an ideal tool for production and quality engineers has 12 bottles ranging from 23mN/m right up to 72mN/m. The QA kit comes complete with cotton swabs and a pair of disposable gloves. You can create your own Self Select Set from the Dyne values available between 23mN/m up to 72mN/m. This new range can even be used on soft PVC.

For further information on the range we now offer please click here or call our sales team for assistance on +44 (0)1543 411460.

Categories: Surface Energy

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