Dyne Test Inks in Case with Brush TopDyne Testing Extend the Range of Dyne Test Kits to Fulfil Customer’s Quality Needs.

Dyne Testing has extended the product choice of Test Kits and now offers a new range of Dyne Test Kits containing up to 12 bottles of Dyne test fluid in one handy carry case.  The extended range has been adopted to offer Engineers a wide range of Dyne levels within the sets to use on a wide range of materials with different surface energy levels.

The new range of kits includes the QA Set which has been adopted to enable users to purchase one kit that holds the complete range of Dyne test fluids from 30mN/m (Dynes/cm) up to 72mN/m.  The QA Set comes in a very handy black carry case, holding 12 bottles of Dyne test fluids, one pack of cotton swabs and protective gloves.  It enables the user to have on hand the full range of Dyne test fluids thus allowing measurement of a wide range of materials with different surface energy levels at the same time.

The Dyne test method plays a big part in process control for many manufacturing companies, especially in the automotive & printing industries where surface energy/tension levels must be controlled in order maintain quality standards.  The low surface energy of polymer-based substrates often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings. When applying the Dyne test fluid, if it remains as a film for 3 seconds, the substrate will have a minimum surface energy of that ink value, expressed in mN/m (Dynes). Should the Dyne test liquid reticulate or draw back into droplets in less than 1 second then the surface energy of the substrate is lower than that of the liquid itself. The exact surface energy (Dyne level) can be determined by applying a range of increasing or decreasing values of Dyne test ink.

Also in the new range is the Self Select Kit for users who want to build their own kit, the Standard Kit and a Value Set.  Our Customer Support team are also on hand to give good advice for those who are unsure what surface energy range will suit their materials.

For more information on the Dyne Test Kits, go to the web page now or call Dyne Testing on +44 (0)1543 411460.

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