Dyne Testing Ltd supply a range of high precision test instruments that will measure the dry film thickness of coatings on a variety of substrates depending on the shape and size of the part.

MiniTest 700 Series Coating Thickness Gauges
Coating Thickness Gauge MiniTest 700 series with digital micro sensor will collect, filter and process measurement values ensuring temperature variations will not affect measurement.

The innovative MiniTest 700 series has set a new standard in precision and flexibility. Ranked amongst the most accurate, reliable and versatile instruments available in the UK today, the series boasts the most advanced technology. A built in digital micro sensor in the probe head will collect, filter and process measurement values ensuring variations in temperature will not affect measurement and readings will remain stable. This ensures a very good reproducibility and increased accuracy over the complete measuring range.

There are 3 models available within the range depending on user applications:

  • Car bodies, Hulls or Steel Constructions With a built in probe the MiniTest 725 is ideal for one handed operations.
  • Parts with Difficult to Access Areas The MiniTest 735 has an external probe ensuring convenient measurements on areas hard to reach.
  • Multiple Applications The flexible model MiniTest 745 gives you the option of a built in probe which can easily be converted into an external probe.

Each model is available as a dedicated ferrous, non-ferrous or dual purpose gauge.  The range is ideal for non-destruction coating thickness measurement of non-magnetic coatings like varnishes, enamels, chromium and zinc on ferromagnetic base materials (e.g. steel); insulating coatings like varnishes and anodising aluminium on non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminium, austenitic stainless steel, brass).  In addition to the comprehensive range of standard probes, there are a number of special probes available.  For example miniature probes in 0°, 45° or 90° designed for measurement on thin layers and very small surfaces in grooves, bore holes or recesses; heavy duty probes for use in rough environments; and probes particularly adapted for measurement on car bodies with varying geometries or base materials.

All models of the series are equipped with a Bluetooth interface for wireless data transfer to a PC, Tablet or smartphone.  As an alternative, data transfer can also be made via convention USB connection.  Further data processing can be done with the comprehensive evaluation software packages available as an add-on.

For further information on the MiniTest 700 Coating Thickness Gauges get in touch.

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