The Soluble Salt Meter is an approved ISO8502-9 equivalent to the conventional Bresle patch method for soluble salt determination.

Soluble Salt Meter ReadingThe Soluble Salt Meter is a hand-held, automated and repeatable method for determining salt contamination on flat and curved profiles and is used to determine surface cleanliness and help prevent coating failure.  The instrument overcomes many of the inherent challenges of taking QA measurements by reducing the testing cycle time.

The Soluble Salt Meter offers a wide range of benefits to the user:

  • Automated measurement procedure giving accurate and reproducible measurements
  • Approved equivalent to ISO Standard 8502-9
  • Up to 8 times faster than the Bresle test method
  • Lower price per measurement compared to the Bresle test method
  • Removes the use of syringe needles
  • No sticky residue on the surface after measurement
  • Measurements are digitally recorded minimising operator errors and can be exported to any report.
Soluble Salt Meter Case
The Soluble Salt Meter can be used on flat & curved profiles.

The Soluble Salt Meter (SSM) improves current methods of establishing the presence of soluble salts on a surface which is detrimental to applied protective coatings.  The test cycle time is only 1 minute and combines surface salt extraction and conductivity measurement in one tool, allowing for a convenient and ergonomic operation.  The standard instrument can be used on pipes with a diameter of no less than 48 inches / 121 cm  and for smaller diameters three optional curved measuring adapters are available.

New technologies have had to prove they produce the same results as you would get with the patches, to this end a very strict testing procedure has been developed by NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) to which new methods have to comply to be equivalent. The Soluble Salt Meter has been developed as an “alternative” test method to the Bresle patch inspection method (ISO 8502-6) and has been validated in accordance with NACE standard SP0508-2008.  It has demonstrated equivalence to ISO 8502-9 (the field method for the conductometric determination of soluble salts).

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