Cross Hatch Adhesion Testing CC2000 Blade Close UpThe blades on your cross hatch cutter can get worn if used regularly and will affect the accuracy of your results.  It is wise to periodically check the blade to see if it is worn.  To do this get a small flat piece of polished plate glass and with a match or lighter smoke a portion of the glass.  This will leave an extremely black thin film, now pull your cross hatch cutter across the glass and all teeth should make tracks.  If all teeth do not touch when used this usually indicates that one or more of the teeth have been damaged and should probably be replaced.

Dyne Testing offers three versions of the cross hatch adhesion measurement tool ranging from a single blade knife to a round cutting knife that has eight cutting edges that can be changed easily by rotating the knife so when 1 cutting side becomes blunt there are a further 7 cutting sides to use.  Each version is available in either 1mm, 2mm or 3mm spacing to enable you to measure coating thickness from between 60µm – 250µm.

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