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One Software for all Tensiometery

OneAttension software for the Theta and ThetaLite Optical Tensiometers and the Sigma 700/701 Force Tensiometers combines the most intuitive user interface with a high level of functionality. The  all-inclusive software supplied with the instruments enables immediate access to all measurement … Continue reading

Contact Angle Measurement using Theta Optical Tensiometers

Contact angle measurements are used to study the wettability of surfaces.  This is especially useful in processes like coating and painting where good wettability is required to ensure good adhesion. Wettability or wetting is the process that occurs when a liquid … Continue reading

Range of Dyne Test Kits Gets Extended

Dyne Testing Extend the Range of Dyne Test Kits to Fulfil Customer’s Quality Needs. Dyne Testing has extended the product choice of Test Kits and now offers a new range of Dyne Test Kits containing up to 12 bottles of … Continue reading