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Product Spotlight – Multi Layer Coating Thickness Measurement

The QuintSonic 7 Coating Thickness Gauge – for coating thickness measurements of up to 5 coatings in one single operation.   This precision coating thickness gauge is based on the ultrasonic impulse method and offers high resolution sensor and intelligent … Continue reading

Coating Thickness Measurement – The Modern Way

The innovative SmarTest intelligent Bluetooth™ sensor is quickly becoming the preferred choice of coating thickness measurement tools for Quality Assurance in the Coatings Industry and is now available in the UK and Ireland from Dyne Testing Ltd. This sleek, hand-held instrument … Continue reading

Product Spotlight – MiniTest 700 Series

An intelligent digital solution for non-destructive coating thickness measurement which offer you flexibility, repeatability and mobility. These dry film coating thickness gauges offer specially designed sensors (probes) which provide excellent measurement accuracy and are insusceptible to interference.  Even variations in … Continue reading