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About SITA FoamTester for Foam Analysis

The SITA FoamTester will easily analyse the characteristics of surfactant-containing liquids giving precise results with automated measuring sequences.  The instrument uses innovative optical measurement methods to determine foam characteristics such as foam volume, stability, drainage and foam structure.

With innovative optical scanning technologies, the FoamTester enables a comprehensive analysis of liquid foams.  An important tool for R&D and QA in any industry (e.g. cosmetics, detergents, surfactants & lubricants).

Scope of Delivery:

The system consists of a removable measuring vessel with stirring unit, an integrated sample reservoir with magnetic stirrer, a cleaning system with external water source, an automatic optical measuring system, touch display for operation directly at the device and the SITA-FoamLab software.


Features & Benefits

SITA FoamTester

  • Out of the box operation with pre-configured experiments and automated procedures
  • Fast contact-free and high-resolution optical scan of the foam structure with structured light.
  • Reliable and continuous detection of the foam-liquid interface even with opaque liquids.
  • Fast and high-resolution measurement of the foam structure for the entire foam level, analysis of the different bubble sizes and other parameters.
  • Fully automated measuring process including sample conditioning and cleaning.
  • Individually programmable sequences for generating and analysing foam.
  • Reproducible foam generation with reliable stirring method and flexible test parameters.
  • Individually programmable sequences for generating and analysing foam as well as easy operation with pre-set or customised experiments.


SITA Foam Tester foam analysis


  • Influence of the formulation and raw materials on foaming behaviour
  • Foam stability of toothpaste and foam baths
  • Foam structure as a reference point for user perception.

Cleaning Agents

  • Influence of temperature on the foaming of spray cleaners
  • Influence of contamination on the foaming in cleaning baths

Cooling Lubricants

  • Influence of water hardness on ageing process
  • Durability of defoamers
  • Optimisation of the filtration process to prevent foaming

Inks, Paints & Coatings

  • Effectiveness of defoamers

Liquid Processing Industry

  • Foaming behaviour of flow suspension in paper industry
  • Recipe optimisation to reduce foaming in bottle filling of beverages
  • Adjustment of foaming production auxillaries in textile manufacturing
  • Foaming effects of polymers in plastic production


Foam creation
Recommended sample volume 200 to 500ml
Usable measuring vessel volume 1,500 ml (incl. foam)
Capacity of storage vessel 2,000 ml
Sample tempering of measuring & storage vessel 0 to 60°C with optional thermostat
Stirring speed 0 to 2,000 U/min (bidirectional)
Adjustable stirring programs Speed, duration, direction, acceleration
Analysis of foam volume (foam creation & decay)
Measurement values Total volume, foam volume, liquid volume.
Evaluated parameters Max. foam volume, foam half-life, flash foam
Measuring range total volume 0 to 1,500 ml; resolution 1 ml
Measuring range liquid volume 0 to 500 ml, resolution 1 ml
Analysis of foam structure
Evaluation area Height 130mm; Width 50mm
Resolution 3,200 dpi
Parameters Bubble number and size distribution, average bubble diameter, circularity index
In standard measuring vessel with SITA-FoamLab Expert software
Measurement of foam volume
Measuring range total volume 0 to 1,500 ml; resolution 1 ml
Measuring range liquid volume 0 to 500 ml; resolution 1 ml
General data
Rinse connection 3/4” 2 to 6 bar
Operating temperature 10 to 40°C
Power supply 100 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz, 300 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) 770 x 450 x 305 mm
Weight Approxmately 35 kg
PC Interface Ethernet

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
SITA FoamTester Product Brochure 1.87MB Download

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
15-1202 FoamTesting System – Expert

  • Foam Tester for analysis of the foam characteristics, foam volume, foam stability, drainage and foam structure
  • Software SITA FoamLab Expert including foam structure analysis module
15-1203 FoamTesting System – Basic

  • Foam Tester for analysis of the foam characteristics, foam volume, foam stability, drainage
  • Software SITA FoamLab Basic
15-3202 Thermostat for sample cooling and heating
15-3203 Thermostat for sample heating
15-3130 Automatic dispenser CAT “Contiburette µ10D
  • Last updated: June 2024
  • Version: 1.0

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