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About Coating Thickness Gauge – MiniTest 2500 – 4500

The MiniTest 2500-4500 coating thickness gauge is the successor to the very popular MiniTest 3100,  it is based on high-precision and modern measuring technology yet is an easy to use, touch-of-a-button operated instrument which meets user requirements for practical, easy application.

Offering a large range of probes (see datasheet in the download section), different calibration methods and evaluation options, the instrument is ideal for a wide range of tasks in the field of coating thickness measurement.

The non-destructive measurement covers the following measuring ranges:

  • 0-50mm for non-magnetic coatings on steel
  • 0-100mm for insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant probes for temperatures up to 250°C and 350°C
  • Pencil shaped probes to measure in tubes and pipes

All probes are equipped with wear resistant poles ensuring long life for use also on abrasive substrates.  Both models are equipped with a huge data memory for storage of up to 2 million measuring values and data transfer to PC is carried out via a USB interface with the MiniTest 4500 additionally offering Bluetooth connectivity.

Features & Benefits

  • MiniTest 4500 Coating Thickness Gauge in carry caseWide range of wear resistant probes adaptable for varied applications
  • Universal probes with automatic substrate detection which allows quick measurement on steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Wear resistant special probes with a virtually unlimited life
  • High accuracy in measurement and repeatability
  • Storage and evaluation of measuring values
  • Special calibration function for rough surfaces and calibration through unknown coating (CTC method)


The MiniTest 2500/4500 is ideal for non-destructive coating thickness measurement of:

  • Non-magnetic coatings on steel
  • Insulating coatings  on non-ferrous metals
  • Copper layers on insulating substrates
  • Powder coatings on steel and non-ferrous metals


MiniTest 2500 MiniTest 4500
Data Memory
  • Total number of storable readings
2,000,000 2,000,000
  • Max. number of batches
1 more than 9500
  • Number of application memories for batches with individual calibration
  • Number of batches per application memory for batches with identical calibration
Statistical functions (per batch) kvar, n, max., min. kvar, n, max., min., CP, CPK
Calibration Factory settings, zero and up to four calibration points
Calibration through coating if the base material
is not accessible (CTC)
Offset function For addition or subtraction of a constant value
to / from the reading
Limit settings (user definable) with monitoring function Optical and acoustical alert when a limit is exceeded
Measuring units μm, mm, cm, mils, inch
Interface USB USB and Bluetooth
Upgradeable interfaces alarm output, trigger for footswitch,
RS 232 interface
Power supply 3 x AA (LR06) batteries, USB
Operating time per battery set approx. 150 hours (illumination deactivated)
Norms and standards DIN EN ISO 1461, 2064, 2178, 2360, 2808, 3882; ISO 19840; ASTM B 244, B 499, D 7091, E376
Display 53 x 46 mm, backlit
Operating temperature / Storage temperature –10 °C to 60 °C / –20 °C to 70 °C, 14°F to 140° C / -4° F to 158° F
Dimensions / weight 153 mm x 89 mm x 36 mm (6” x 3.5” x 1.4”)
320 g (0.7 lbs) (gauge incl. batteries)
90 g (0.2 lbs) rubber protection case
Protection class IP 65

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
MiniTest 2500-4500 Coating Thickness Gauge Product Brochure 0.48MB Download

Ordering Information

To order, request a quote or for further information please call our Sales Team on 01543 411460 and discuss your application. We will help you choose the most suitable instrument to meet your needs.

Scope of Delivery:

Gauge: Coating thickness gauge (MiniTest 2500 or 4500),  plastic carrying case, USB cable, operating instructions on CD, Quick start guide, factory certificate, 3 x AA batteries (type LR06).

Sensor: Coating thickness sensor of choice (see datasheet for range), set of calibration standards including calibration foils and zero standard

  • Last updated: June 2024
  • Version: 1.0

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