Introducing the Theta Flex, the New Successor of the Theta Optical Tensiometer.

The Theta Flex is the contact angle meter that enables all measurements in one instrument.  With its modular design, it is designed for reliable and repeatable measurements of wettability and adhesion, even in the most demanding industrial and research applications.  The Theta Flex is accurate, repeatable & flexible and has been created with high quality and effortless user experience in mind.  Together the ThetaFlex and a completely redefined OneAttension software form an attractive and modern optical tensiometer platform that has been built to last. 

Theta Flex Optical Tensiometer

The ThetaFlex covers all your needs

  • All the measurements are readily included
  • With the modular design, all applications can be fulfilled with one instrument and the instrument can be tailored for your needs.

Results you can rely on

  • High end imaging
  • Sophisticated analysis algorithms
  • The effect of roughness to wettability can be measured with the unique 3D Topography module

Speed and repeatability

  • All steps can be automated from measurement to analysis
  • The need for time consuming preparations and cleaning are removed with the disposable liquid tips

Completely redefined OneAttension Software

  • Monitor and controls combined
  • Camera size maximised
  • New experiment browser
  • New icons and new start screen
  • Redefined layout
  • Direct graphing, reporting and statistics

The Theta Flex is available from a fully manual configuration all the way up to the most advanced fully automated system.  Choose from a range of readymade configurations or tailor your own instrument to suit your needs.  For further information on the Theta Flex optical tensiometer get in touch.

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